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Our competitors participated in the regional Party school system logistics personnel operation skills competition and service etiquette training results summary demonstration activities

Date: 2020-12-20

A demonstration is held at the Party School of the Left Party Committee in Chongzhong, Guangxi, On July 3, 2018. 66 contestants from 17 representative teams of the Party school system of the whole region gathered together. The guest room project team of Mingyuan Hotel in the Party school of the autonomous region selected 7 persons to participate in the room service skills (Chinese style bed making) competition and conference service etiquette and table setting demonstration on behalf of the Party school of the region. Lu Yujuan and Wei Ximei won the first prize and the second prize respectively. The service team composed of Wei Xiaohui, Lu Mei, Wang Fangyan and Deng Meixiang showed their elegant and dignified temperament incisively and vividly in the presentation of service etiquette and meeting. The "service etiquette" showed the girls' neat, confident and youthful appearance, which showed the professional style of the hotel people and made them pleasing to the eye.

This activity shows the exquisite professional skills of Mingyuan Hotel and shows the good spirit of the district Party school.